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What To Expect

Your tech will arrive within 2-4 hours of your requested time frame

All natural products are used, so no need to worry for damaging of the hair or if you’re pregnant

Ask ALL the questions you have from top to bottom along with advise & literature being given

Most kids are more comfortable in their own home, save time & gas hauling the kids in the car

You can get started on the home while your family’s heads are being treated and cleared of lice

Need a helping hand? Our techs are always there to assist if need be

We will supply you with a clear check letter for your child’s school to ensure they are safe to return to school. 

Get a peace of mind with a walk through of your home to ensure all areas are properly taken care of per your request

Remember, we offer 100% guarantee that we will eradicate your head lice problem!

About Us

Our company is comprised of a team of friendly and professional lice removal specialists who are committed to helping families resolve their problems with lice infestations! Our technicians have backgrounds in public health, education, fitness or beauty and have been put through our thorough screening and background check process. We have an excellent history with many years of experience working with families removing their head lice infestations. We understand the stress that lice can bring to a family’s home, so we aim to put you and your family at ease.

A large portion of our business involves providing on-site lice treatment & seminar services to families, schools, camps, pharmaceutical and other youth organization companies in helping to educate, check and/or treat active lice infestations and maintaining a lice free environment. We travel to you in unbranded vehicles so your neighbors don’t know who is visiting or why. Treatment involves the use of our very own Therapy Liceproducts ‘which are filled with natural essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts.’ Our products are created by our own chemists to provide the best balance between being potent enough to kill the lice while being gentle on the body.

We will leave you and your family happy and free of lice! 

Lice Busters was a God-send! I was so relieved to be able to rely on there expertise as they checked, treated, combed out, dried and re-checked my family’s hair. They are great teachers – showing me how to continue the aftercare to make sure we stayed lice/nit free (and won’t come back!) As I checked my kids’ heads each night during the aftercare time, I did not find one nit that had escaped. The tech’s skilled eye and combing! If your family is dealing with lice, call.

Lice Busters for help – They are warm, professional, skilled and knowledgeable people.

- Kathleen, West Chicago

I swear you were my angels that morning. I cried all morning and just asked please tell me what to do, I got up did a search, and your website just openend up! AMAZING!! regardless for the reason but it was very nice to have met you both and the way you present yourselves and your company is very very professional and I truely admire that. You can’t find that in this day and age anymore and again God Bless the both of you for doing what you do to help crazy woman like me LOL!! 

- DH Schaumburg

As a very happy Lice Buster's customer, I would like to send a compliment to your staff member for her exceptional service. She came out to us for same day service very late to accommodate our daughter's needs. She is so friendly, professional and very hard working

I wish there were more people like her in the service world with such a positive, friendly approach. We wish her the very best of success and thank you again for your excellent services. It saved our whole Spring break. Keep up the good work!! We will recommend you to anyone facing head lice challenges.

- M.B family in Palos Heights

All is well and lice-free. Hope things are well with you!

“We loved our lice tech at Lice Busters. I have 3 girls (all with long hair!) who got lice at school. It was a nightmare! They came to my house, explained the process, did all the treatments, and performed several follow-up examinations. Our house was 100% lice-free within one week and has stayed that way. Some of my friends who did their own treatments kept having recurrences because they did not get all the nits. Not us! Every few months a newsletter from school comes home saying that one of the classes has reported a case of lice. We never had a problem since the first time but if we do, I won’t hesitate to call Lice Busters! Diane from Chicago”.

- Diane

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